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Manganese from the Livingstone mine


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150 000€

Promote sustainable mobility by financing our manganese mining project. This mineral is a key component in the manufacture of electric car batteries. Renowned for its resistance to corrosion, it is also used to create stainless steel alloys, useful in the aeronautics and aerospace sectors.

Keywords: Manganese, Mining, Ferrous alloys, Non-ferrous alloys, Geology, Transition metal, Mining equipment, Employment, Improving living standards

Project leader : Huudi Mining

We headed for the Njombe region, where we unearthed a little gem with the acquisition of a manganese mine. Covering an area of 100 km², the size of this mine offers significant potential.

An extensive study was carried out to validate the reserves and concentrations present, and the results confirmed the deposit’s rich manganese content, making it a valuable resource.

Test operations were crowned with success, with an impressive 5,000 tonnes of manganese ore extracted, with concentrations ranging from 40% to 50%.
To improve the operational process and ensure sustainable, responsible mining, we need to acquire additional mining equipment.

Help us maximize the potential of our mine and follow every step of this exciting adventure.

Huudi Mining’s funding for this project will be used to rehabilitate the tracks and roads leading to the mine, in order to facilitate transport. It will also be used to purchase new and additional equipment (excavator, jaw crusher, compressor) to facilitate the work of our 20 workers, and to finance their salaries. Finally, part of the proceeds will be used to build a base camp in this remote location, enabling the workers and their families to live together.

  • Increased production (2000t/week with average quality of 45%)

  • Job security for 20 workers
  • Health, well-being and improved living and working conditions for our employees (housing, food and social security)


      7% monthly from 2 months after project start-up over an 18-month period

      Our warmest thanks to our future contributors!

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