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Copper from the Rif Mountain mine


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Be part of the energy transition through our copper extraction project at the Livingstone mine. Renowned for its excellent electrical conductivity, copper is essential for the smooth operation of solar and wind power transmission and distribution systems.

Keywords: Copper, Mining, Mining equipment, Geology, Non-ferrous metals, Transition metal, Energy transition, Renewable energies, Sustainable mobility, Employment, Improving living standards

Project leader : Huudi Mining

After several months of prospecting in the Njombe region, the results confirmed the presence of a promising resource: a copper mine. Our commitment to meeting challenges prompted our company to make a bold strategic decision to develop the Livingstone mine.
The starting point of our adventure was the establishment of a base camp to effectively coordinate our operations and create a solid logistical location for the challenges ahead. To overcome natural obstacles, we built a footbridge over a river, providing safe access to the mining area. This achievement testifies to our commitment to artisanal and sustainable solutions. We also installed grinding equipment, crucial to maximizing the efficiency of our extraction process.

We are proud to announce that our efforts have paid off with the successful extraction of 500 tonnes of copper ore. These samples reveal more than satisfactory concentrations, ranging from 15 to 20%, confirming the significant economic potential of our site.
However, to optimize this extraction operation, adjustments and upgrades are required. To ease our workers’ workload, we need to modernize our equipment and acquire more material.

Seize this investment opportunity for a visionary project in which you could be the key to success.

Huudi Mining’s funding for this project will be used to rehabilitate the tracks and roads leading to the mine, in order to facilitate transport. It will also be used to purchase new and additional equipment (excavator, jaw crusher, compressor) to facilitate the work of our 10 workers, and to finance their salaries. Finally, part of the proceeds will be used to build a base camp in this remote location, enabling the workers and their families to live together.

  • Increased production (2000t/week with average quality of 45%)

  • Job security for 10 workers

  • Health, well-being and improved living and working conditions for our employees (housing, food and social security).


      5% monthly from 3 months after project start-up over an 18-month period

      Our warmest thanks to our future contributors!

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