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Gold from the Wkassa Wkassa mine


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30 000€

Shine the spotlight on our project that paves the way for responsible gold by combining gold mining and ethics. Coveted for its unique properties (malleable, durable and a good conductor), this precious metal above all guarantees you a safe investment in a secure and reassuring asset.

Keywords: Gold, Mining, Gold mining, Precious metals, Geology, Mining equipment, Employment, Improving living standards

Project leader : Huudi Mining

Welcome to the Mbeya region, where German settlers who mined marble discovered a real nugget in the process: the Kwakwa gold mine.

We have been present in this strategic region for several years, renowned for its developing gold fields. Our in-depth knowledge of the terrain has enabled us to identify a number of ideal locations for the start-up of new gold mines, including the Kwakwa mine.

Our team is now ready to move into the operational phase, but the profitability and efficiency of our operations depend on our mining equipment.

This project with its exceptional potential is waiting for you to bring this promising mining adventure to life. 

Huudi Mining’s fundraising for this project is intended to purchase new and additional equipment (electric hammer, electric winch pickaxe, compressor) to facilitate the work of our 5 workers, but also to finance their salaries.

  • 200g per month of 87% gold after 18 months

  • Job security for 5 workers

  • Development of a new high-potential mine with the purchase of equipment to improve workers’ working conditions and productivity.

  • Health, well-being and improved living and working conditions for our employees (housing, food and social security).


12.34%/quarter over 18 months

Our warmest thanks to our future contributors!

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