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Crowdfunding is an investment model that allows individuals to finance a business by making a financial contribution of their chosen amount in exchange for a reward. In our case, the compensation is monetary, these are royalties: throughout the project, we quarterly pay a percentage of our profit related to a specific project, proportional to the amount invested.

By investing in a project, you acquire a right to participate in the company’s profits (known as royalties), which establishes a contractual relationship between the company (Huudi Mining) and the subscriber (you). At a certain stage of the project (the date is defined in the contract), as a subscriber, you have the option to resell your rights (your royalties), and you have a legal guarantee: if the profit is insufficient (threshold established at the time of the contract) or nonexistent, Huudi Mining will then have the contractual obligation to reimburse you the invested amount within six months after you have expressed your desire to activate this guarantee.

Accessible, transparent, and non-speculative, this model ensures ethical finance where the positive impact is global.

Advantages: No minimum amount, short project duration, the possibility of participating in multiple projects with social, ecological, and economic dimensions (profitable). Very close management of investments.

Risks: Every investment naturally carries a risk, namely the risk of losing the invested capital. However, Huudi Mining will have the contractual obligation to refund the invested amount within six months after you have expressed your wish to activate this guarantee.

A minimum amount will be set per project, but it will not be less than €50. There will be no maximum amount because we can decide on the size of the mines and continually improve productivity.

There will be regular newsletters regarding each project with numerical data. You will have the opportunity to visit the project you invested in if you wish, and communicate directly with our partners on-site.

We will make different levels of investment depending on the amounts raised. If the funding goal is exceeded, we can add new equipment or personnel to enhance productivity. If the funding goal is not reached, we can find additional financial support to fill the gap for that specific project. We want to carry out as many projects as possible and we are not solely reliant on crowdfunding.

There is a withdrawal period, and it is possible to cancel your contribution within 48 hours following the investment. The contribution can also be refunded if the funding goal is not reached, and you wish to withdraw.

Payments are made via bank transfer, credit card, or PayPal. These funds are transferred to a French company named Pangea Commodities, responsible for allocating the funds across various projects. This ensures fund traceability, especially within France, and provides legal recourse within the French jurisdiction.

There will be a variety of projects, and the choice depends on your expectations and investment goals. We can assist and provide guidance. It is essential to thoroughly understand the project and start on a small scale with short durations. This allows you to secure your investment and build capital. It is important to invest only amounts from your disposable income that will not put you at financial risk.

Yes, it is absolutely possible to support several projects at the same time.

It will depend on the specific projects. We are open to contributions beyond financial support. You can submit your suggestions by contacting us and feel free to talk about our projects around you.

The process is very simple and is divided into 4 steps.

  1. During a phone call, we introduce our process and assist you in choosing the project that best suits you.
  2. We send you a registration link for you to fill in your personal information on the platform.
  3. You pay the amount of your choice for the chosen project
  4. You receive a certification via email confirming your investment.

Currently, the only payment methods available are credit card, bank transfer, or PayPal. Are there other payment methods you would like us to consider adding?

The majority of projects are led by our own company. If projects are presented to us, we conduct a comprehensive 360° study to understand the project leader, the project itself, and we physically visit and conduct our own feasibility study. We will not present any project that has not undergone the same analysis process as our own projects.

All projects are remunerated, and we aim to prove that sustainable projects can also be highly profitable.

Our operational process guarantees a thorough study of the project, and we are able to answer all your questions to ensure that we have indeed examined the project from all possible angles. Moreover, we have already had numerous successful experiences before proposing projects in the indicated locations. We will not risk presenting new projects in locations where we have not already proven ourselves.

There are no fees, there is a fair share between investors and the company that successfully carries out the project. The fees are fully covered, and the proposed return is net of investment and management fees.

Royalties are subject to a flat tax of 30%, unless an exemption is requested. To learn more about this levy, we invite you to visit the website of the Ministry of Economy and Finance and its dedicated article on the subject.

Unfortunately, we aim to maintain traceability to preserve our labels and maintain neutrality towards our partners and tax authorities. Therefore, proof of identity and tax documents will be required.

Projects are mainly launched by the company Huudi Mining. This ensures control over processes, funds traceability, and project success. However, any individual can submit their project if it aligns with our mission (ethical semi-artisanal mining in Southern Africa) by contacting us.

We want to protect our investors and do not share contact details of contributors under any circumstances.

Huudi Mining will be fully involved in the project and will handle the necessary investments. It will play a support role and act as a project manager. We aim to secure our investors and partners and lead the project according to our own processes which have already proven themselves in various situations.

This will be discussed with Huudi Mining, which will formulate the project in collaboration with the project leader.

Our entire team is at your disposal and will be delighted to respond to you by email as soon as possible. To find our contact information, visit the “Contact Us” section.

In case of a complaint, you have a legal right to resort to a consumer mediator for the amicable resolution of any dispute concerning the execution of these terms that opposes you to the project owner, under the conditions provided for in articles L611-1 and following and R612-1 and following of the Consumer Code. For more information, we invite you to visit the website of the Consumer Mediation Center of Justice Conciliators (CM2C).

Since 2011, the European Union has annually established a list of certain raw materials considered critical due to the high risk associated with their supply combined with their economic importance. Some of these include metals that we extract, such as copper, nickel, manganese, cobalt, tantalum, titanium, etc. In 2023, this list included 34 raw materials.

It’s in progress. As part of our social and environmental responsibility policy, we are in the process of obtaining Fairminded certification and also intend to obtain green mine labels for all our mines.

These are artisanal or semi-artisanal mines operated by a mining company in collaboration with the local community. Villagers legally work as workers for the company, and together they build the infrastructure to live and feed themselves near the mines. The entire community participates and benefits from the work done.

A mining license is a legal document authorizing its holder to operate a mine and sell the resulting production. It can be purchased directly on the Office of Mines website by selecting a geographical area, the type of license (depending on the ore), and the duration. It is also possible to rent a license from a villager. There are different types of licenses; some are operating licenses, others are trade licenses, and others are exploration licenses. Each license is also specific to a type of ore, and all production is subject to government control. In addition, the Office of Mines may reserve the right to withdraw the license after a few years if the operation has not started, and if the operator has not fulfilled its commitments in terms of annual production.

Any other questions?