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Objectives headed towards more ethical mining

Tanzania is known for its abundant natural resources, particularly in terms of minerals and metals. At Huudi Mining, our activity spans from the source to the final consumer, focusing primarily on the extraction and processing of gold, copper, nickel, manganese, tantalum, cobalt, zinc, lead, and graphite.

Exploitation minière
Exploitation minière
Exploitation minière

Key element to the energy transition, we have made artisanal mining our priority, and making it sustainable is our main mission. To achieve this, we are developing an innovative model that echoes our values: semi-artisanal mines.

On the one hand, we do not want to become an industrial group and leave a negative environmental impact. On the other hand, we refuse to be the cause of informal work with poor safety and health conditions, as is often the case with artisanal mines, abandoned by investors. However, it is essential to recognize their potential, and this is where our model takes on its full meaning: even the smallest plots are exploited, while respecting the environment and human dignity.

To meet this ambitious challenge of reinventing semi-artisanal mines, our objective is threefold:


We aim to develop rural areas and Tanzanian infrastructure by exploiting semi-artisanal mines in key areas, located in remote regions.


We promote job creation in rural areas by employing personnel from local communities.


We aspire to contribute to the energy transition through the operation of critical metals.

Innovation, openness, and diversification define our overall development strategy

We have designed our strategy around five key areas:

Modernization of facilities and acquisition of additional equipment

To meet the needs of our clients, respond to growing demand, and facilitate the work of our workers, we plan to acquire more compressors, winches, wheel loaders, etc., while modernizing our facilities (washing station, new crushers, etc.). Through these initiatives, we will improve the quality and concentration of our ores, expand our production capacities, without replacing the workers themselves.

Creation of a concentration site

We are planning to establish a concentration site in the Dar Es Salaam region to process ore from artisanal and semi-artisanal mines in Tanzania, Congo and Zambia.

Expansion of mining activities, research, and development of new sites

Committed to the energy transition, our company is aware of the need to secure the supply of critical metals. We logically aim to expand our portfolio of mining licenses and develop new extraction and concentration sites for the most sought-after minerals. The minerals of interest to us include copper, manganese, nickel, graphite, cobalt, tantalum, platinum, and titanium.

Investment in research and development

Visionary, Huudi Mining invests in research and development to enhance our extraction and concentration processes and discover new business opportunities. We are currently collaborating with geologists (including BRGM), chemists, and independent laboratories (SGS, Mitra S.K.) to properly characterize the rock and determine which process is most effective for both mechanical and chemical concentration steps.

Collaboration with international partners

Open to the world, we believe in the importance and effectiveness of partnerships. We aim to strengthen our current partnerships and establish new collaborations. We are currently in discussions for a technical partnership in order to benefit from expertise in terms of industrial processes. Furthermore, we maintain excellent relations with the French Embassy in Tanzania, the Tanzanian Mining Office and other international organizations.

Our operational process

Our operational process is divided into several stages distributed across 4 phases.

Phase 1 : Exploration


Phase 3 : Pre-concentration


Our skills

Expertise in international trading

Through our participation in international conferences and our expertise in commodity trading, we have developed excellent exposure in the market and established a genuine relationship of proximity and trust with the largest global traders. We directly engage with factories in Southeast Asia, Europe, and North America to better understand demand and obtain the best value for our products.

Diversification of mining activities

Our versatility is our strength. We started with gold mines, currently representing half of our investments and revenue. Then, we diversified our activities by opening a copper mine and obtaining licenses for the exploitation of manganese, nickel, tantalum, cobalt, zinc, lead, and graphite. Copper and manganese extractions represent 30% and 20% of our investments, respectively.

Process improvement

We have successfully increased the concentration of copper from 17% to over 50% using a mechanical process without chemicals. We plan to gradually install other mechanical and chemical concentration processes.

License assessment

We currently hold over 60 operating licenses that have been evaluated by international auditors.